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Imagine Festival Review

Imagine Festival Review

Imagine Festival impressed us once again with killer production, electronic music, and flashy lights. Read  more about the highlights of the most premier American music festival of the year!



Bleachers played at the Orange peel on June 11th. As soon as Jack Antonoff came on the stage the crowd went wild! The ladies were so excited to see the Bleachers live at the sold out show. Their sound has this deep 80s band feel sending you back in time. While listening to their music, after awhile all of their songs started to sound the same to me, but overall the band had a great stage presence.

Glass Animals


Glass Animals came to Asheville, NC June 10th to perform at the Orange Peel. Their sound had a lingering sensual sound that had the crowd holding to every note of the vocalist Dave Bayley. Dave's dancing kept the audience intrigued by using moves that were completely his own. At one point Dave hoped into the crowd to get close and personal with his fans, and they ate it up. This rich sound and energy coming from Glass Animals was a fresh way to spend the evening, although I did find myself wanting more. The show ended at about 12:15 am. 

They ended their tour in the right place. Fans enjoyed every minute and I hope they come back to Asheville on their next tour.