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Imagine Festival Review

Imagine Festival Review

Imagine Festival impressed us once again with killer production, electronic music, and flashy lights. Read  more about the highlights of the most premier American music festival of the year!



Gaudi performed with Danny Ladwa at the Asheville Music Hall in Asheville, NC on June 18th on his tour. Gaudi was born in Italy and became a musician. Inspired by world music, his sound is a fusion of Dub, reggae, and electronica.  I had a blast working with Gaudi to get the perfect light show for his set. We projected onto three shapes that I strategically mapped out the visuals to.

We also used two hard red lights on Gaudi to make him the focal point of the show (which he liked very much). We also had lights in the front and back of the stage, and four moving lights in the four corners of the stage. The lights enhanced the show, but Gaudi of course took center stage.

I referred to him as the Tim Burton of reggae. His sound having such and rich deep dub vibe that is truly unique to his own style.