Expression Series


Expression Series was created to inspire others. At Key Expression, we believe that everyone has some sort of interest in creative expression whether its dance, music, painting, or something not artistic altogether and we want to share that with the world. We want to uncover the artist passion / creativity, and we want to understand how that person came to this passion through their life experiences. There are struggles that many of us face when following our dreams. We at Key Expression, are interested to uncover those struggles that artist face and how they overcome those struggles in the Expression Series. Whether you are an artist, carpenter, plumber, or health and wellness coach, you can get inspired and jazzed up by watching the Expression Series. Our goal is that once the viewer has watched the series, they too will feel inspired to pursuit their passions, no matter what that passion may be. After watching the series you can see how these artist decide to never give up on passion, which gives us hope that you can do what ever it is you put your mind to as long as you don’t give up. That’s what Expression Series is all about.


How to get involved…

This series is currently in the pilot phases and we are looking for funding to create more of these beautiful episodes. We want to create these episodes that feature creatives all over the United States and eventually all over the world. We have already filmed episodes in New York City, Atlanta, and Asheville. We need your help to keep this project going. Please hit the contact button to learn more on how you can help fund this series.



Down below are a few episodes we have created so far. Watch and be inspired.


Ivy - modeling


bek - acting is my expression


amanda - dance is my home


Lindsey - Finding yourself in nature


it's cosmic music - How Body movement symbolizes emotion


Ariana - Finding Her Creative Voice


Jaze - Drumming and photography


Creations by Erika