What inspires you at work?


Over the years, I have come across many people who say, "I'm inspired by getting off work and relaxing," or a flat out "nothing inspires me about work." 


For me, it's really hard to relate to people who are not creators, or people who are not passionate about what they do. Personally, I've strived to find work that inspires me. This includes, working at a music venue as a photographer, or even working at a doctors office as videographer. Somehow, I have found a way to stay inspired, while working a full or part-time job. It's not easy by no means. In today society, we are expected to work a 9 to 5. Keep your head down. Don't ask questions, and don't forget, you are just a number in the system. 


This didn't work for me, and I have feeling, I'm not the only one out there that feels this way. There are so many new and creative ways to be your own boss, but by no means am I an expert! I'm just trying to navigate away to create my own schedule, stay inspired by work, and work with other like-minded individuals.


Today, we have the opportunity to work at co-working spaces, one can freelance, or work in a more collaborative environment.  Overall, this kind of working environment will allow people to be creative, innovative, and possibly (maybe) even enjoy what they do. My hope is that more and more individuals start seeking work opportunities that allow them to have the freedom to work less hours without compromising their paycheck. 


With all the technology that is redly available, the industrial revolution way of working isn't working. Maybe, in 2018 we can create a more inspirational working space while enhancing the needs of individuals in the workforce.