My Nights in the City That Never Sleeps


I've had the chance to do some amazing traveling lately. One of the first stops being, the city that never sleeps, NYC.Visiting Manhattan was really one of the most beautiful and artistic moments I’ve had in awhile.

I landed in Laguardia airport and had no idea where I was going. Luckily someone asked me where to catch a taxi. She was heading to Manhattan. She was super kind and let me ride in her taxi which was being paid for by her boss.

I arrived to the Freehand hotel to meet with Queen, a young personal stylist who was visiting NYC to cover a Teen Vogue event. I was lucky to go to the event with her to document everything by taking photos.


After the Teen Vogue event, I got lost in the subway for two hours while trying to meet a SAG actor, Bek, in Brooklyn to shoot some footage for fun. I got lost in the part of Brooklyn you wouldn't want to get lost in. Finally, once I met with Bek, we immediately started shooting video. Shooting whatever I could capture! We hung out at the Met and got incredibly inspired by the artwork. Bek was such a wonderful person to work with and he took all direction extremely well. He will be featured in an upcoming “Expression Series” very soon.

On my second trip to NYC, I was lucky to work with Bek and his friends on their own solo project called “This Will Last Forever,” which was about a group of friends who run around, party, get high, etc. in New York City. It was a sizzle for a project, which they hope to turn into a feature film. The most fun place that I visited in New York was The House Of Yes where I gorilla shot for the sizzle reel. There were people of all colors, genders, gay, straight you name it coexisting at this club scene. Everyone was partying together. One of the actors, ate an edible before he arrived onset and was so funny to film, because he was acting so high (which was perfect for the role).


There was a giant bird cage, which he climbed into, before you knew it everyone was getting in the birdcage.  We stayed out until 3am that morning, and I had to get back up to 6AM for my flight back to Asheville where I stayed for three days before getting back on a plane to go to Tennessee.  So yes, I did have a sleepless night.

New York City was a great experience, and I can't wait to go back. I met so many amazing people and saw parts of the city I had never seen before. I am so excited to share all of my travels with you. I have many more travel adventures to share with everyone and amazing upcoming projects! It’s an amazing time in my life and I am so lucky to have the support and love from all of my friends and family.